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Real Estate Agent 1983-2017 (PA)

Owned Real Estate School 2009-2013 (PA)

Property Manager since 1995

Property Manager License since 2015 (SC)

Doctoral Degree in Business Administration

My name is Dr. Cathy Cameron and... MY DREAM after more than two decades of adult training and consulting in numerous fields; Business, Information Management, Real Estate Property Management and Software Applications —it was time to branch out from the traditional university classroom lectures. Therefore, I combined my years of education that of a doctoral and masters degree in Business Administration, bachelor degree in Public Administration and certificates in real estate and hospitality management, with my 20+ years of teaching and business experience to design various training books.

MY GOAL is to SHARE, TEACH and GIVE BACK to society by not only sharing my knowledge with more people than those students that attend my university classes, but to donate a percentage of the proceeds to an organization that helped my family when we needed it. With all that in mind “Cameron Seminars” was developed to provide a medium in which “what I learned”, “what worked for me” and “what others say works for them” into easy to learn seminars on various topics that would help individuals succeed and grow. MY MISSION is to SHARE my educational and experiential knowledge to assist others in obtaining the “American Dream” of SUCCESS!

I hope to see you in class soon,
Dr. Cathy Cameron

That was the BUSINESS side of my life read on for the CREATIVE side.

Published Author since 2001

Songwriter since 1968
(At the age of 13)

Thank you God for blessing me with creativity!


Our trip to Nashville the week of March 29, 2010 provided a great opportunity for me to learn the art of lyrical song writing from some of the greatest songwriters in the industry. A special "Thank you" to Cathy Lemon the owner of The Artist Development Network and my team of songwriters - Sarah Majors; Joe Sins; Jon Conley; C.J. Watson; Karen Staley and David Harper. I sat down with these extremely talented individuals and we wrote 8 songs (I of course assisting with lyrics and the story music talent for me). Four of the creations were produced and published, Fall; Where You Are; Life Gets in the Way; and Just Being Me, which are presently being marketed (pitched) to record labels throughout the music industry. However, the other four songs You Don't Know What's Right (C.J. Watson); Hold My Hand (Karen Staley); My Son (Joe Sins); and Doesn't Sound Like Love to Me (David Harper) are all future projects.

All songs are registered with BMI.

Click TO LISTEN to our SONG –Enjoy!

Sarah Majors Co-Songwriter on Fall and Just Being Me

Joe Sins Co-Songwriter on Life Gets in the Way

Jon Conley Co-Songwriter on Where You Are

Above was not my first attempt of putting my poetic lyrics to music. In 1968 at the young age of 13 my parents recognized my talents and sent my poem titled The Golden Cross off to a publishing company. The 45" record and sheet music is framed and hangs in my office. It was produced by Five Star Music Productions by Lew Tobin and Vocal was Norman Burns.



The children book I wrote titled, Angel Ann and Angel Dan was actually written very early Christmas morning 1992 –the first Christmas after the death of my step-daughter Jayme. It depicts Jayme as Angel Ann and my son Jim as the Angel Dan character. It was submitted to publishers the following year; however, was not selected. After some coaching on the Query letter and further suggestions, the book will be re-submitted to publishers in the future.

With having written over 200 poems that clearly tell a story of my life, where I have been and the emotional road I have traveled - it has come time to organize my collection. Therefore, my book of poetry titled Words of Emotions is in progress and it too will be submitted to publishers in the future.


My poem titled the American Eagle was written after 9-11 and was my way of expressing my feelings of what happened to our country on that terrible day. The poem was submitted to the Library of Congress's 2001 contest of various writings about the event, and won the Editors Choice Award.

As part of my doctoral requirements I had to publish my dissertation. Therefore, my dissertation titled Examining the relationship that Age, Gender, Experience and Communication Technology has on acceptance and use of Information Technology: Using the Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT) model... was published in ProQuest Publication AAT3247606 –Copyright Registration Number: TX-6-529-117. As of April 2010, it has been cited in one other research project.

The 777 Business Program - explained and available on this website for $37.77

Business + Technology = Success - on and the CD available on this website.

Book 1 - Learning to Manage the HOA's Health: 9 Lessons the Board Member Needs to Know

Book 2 - The HOA's Balancing Act of Leading vs. Managing: 5 Lessons the Board Member and Community Manager Needs to Know.

Contributing Author for the HOA Series is my husband William D. Cameron. All HOA books are $12.99 and can be found on or by email a request.

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