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Dr. Cathy Cameron

7 Cameron Clue’s (10 Pages)

The “how to” guidelines and the “must know” for designing and conducting various forms of BUSINESS! Includes…

  • The Communication Plan
  • Designing Forms and Reports
  • Writing the Proposal
  • Guidelines for an Effective Presentation
  • 2 Clues on Errors in WEBSITE Design
  • Calculate a Customer’s Lifetime Value

Learn to Listen to Lead (10 pages)

A manager needs to take responsibility for gathering accurate, timely and relevant information, and the common ways to accomplish that are by developing good observation and listening skills. This booklet provides lessons on pseudo listening; perception; distractions and active listening, to name a few. It also provides listening exercises.

DISC Factors Analysis (10 Pages)

Dominant, Influencing, Steadiness, Conscientious

D is for how someone faces challenges (dominating and directing)
I is for how someone interacts with people (influencing and interacting)
S is for how someone adapts to change (steadiness and stable)
C is for how someone enjoys rules and procedures (conscientious and compliant)
DISC is a four quadrant behavioral model based on the work of William Moulton Marston PhD (1893–1947) to examine the behavior of individuals in their environment or within a specific situation (otherwise known as environment). It therefore focuses on the styles and preferences of such behavior. Marston graduated from doctoral studies at Harvard in the newly developing field of psychology. He was also a consulting psychologist, researcher, and author or co-author of five books. His works were showcased in Emotions of Normal People in 1928 among others.

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