777 Business Program
Selling for Success

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Course Title: Selling for Success
Price: $75.00
Prerequisite: None

Who Should Attend?
Salespersons; Sales Managers; and Real Estate Agents

Course Code: 7SD

Learning Outcomes:
Building a Customer Relationship -
Discussions on what is CRM –Customer Relationship Management and through the Prato Principle and the Ripple Effect understand WHY it in necessary to measure customer value. Learn to truly understand your customers through analysis of paradigms, the DISC Behavior model, and the Successful People Process (SPP). Learn the four step process to change and risk management of CRM to prepare for the next step-SELLING!

Selling to Satisfied Customers = Successful Business –
Knowing the true value of a firm’s customers will lead to better decisions about how to deploy your technology resources in offline and online sales channels. In order for marketers to reach the target market, retain their customer and obtain new ones discussion of marketing in general; data mining for CRM applications; the communication plan; promoting, advertising and personal selling will be discussed completely. The five step buyer decision process and the six step personal selling process will also be reviewed.


COURSE STRUCTURE: The methods of teaching used in Building a Customer Relationship and Selling to Satisfied Customers = Successful Business include but are not limited to:
  • Lectures with appropriate student/faculty interaction
  • Use of materials such as cases, examples, and real situations to present course concepts.
  • Q & A Consulting sessions throughout the lecture
COURSE OUTLINE for all Classes:
8:00AM to 10:00AM Morning Session
10:00AM to 10:15AM BREAK
10:15 to 11:30/12:00PM Mid-Morning Session
End of Seminar NOT MANDATORY: Evaluation and Door Prize Drawing from completed evaluation forms.

Seminar Structure: Seminars are scheduled for half-days for many concepts are discussed, and I want you to take the afternoon absorbing the lesson while enjoying the beautiful Myrtle Beach area with family and friends. The end-time for the seminars is listed as a range for it depends on Q&A and if detailed lectures are required on a particular subject. Refreshments will be served at the beginning of each seminar and at the breaks. As a thank you for completing the evaluation door prizes will be drawn from those completed entries after each class. The seminar will be a warm, friendly and professional discussion of the subject material. Interaction with peers and the instructor is encouraged.

7SD –Selling for Success Building a Customer Relationship Selling to Satisfied Customers = Successful Business
(Includes: The Learn to Listen to Lead)
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Cameron Seminars | 5907 S. Kings Highway, Unit 89 | Myrtle Beach, SC 29575. | 843-424-0402
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